Free Printable Winter Survival Checklist

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I live on the east coast of Canada and winters here can be brutal. And long. I definitely feel each spring like I “survived” another winter. But this year I decided to take action and be proactive in how I deal with winter and the negative feelings I have towards it.

So I created a Winter Survival Checklist. It’s a list of things that bring me joy and pleasure even in the depths of winter.

Here are some things I find help me and hopefully will help you too.

Looking For Color

The thing I hate the most about winter is the lack of color. It feels like the snow comes and wipes it all away and I only see a wall of white.

But there are still some colorful things to watch for like the sunrise and the sunset. Some days these are pretty spectacular bursts of color from purple, pink, red, orange and gold. My window faces west so in the mornings I watch for the morning light to paint the tops of the trees with a beautiful reddish-orange color. I also enjoy when the sky behind the trees is a soft pink color like cotton candy.


On sunny days, I make the most of the blue skies. Looking up frequently to enjoy them plus the bright light from the sunlight often lifts my mood.

Another source of color is from the birds that come to my bird feeder. Blue jays, yellow goldfinches and others give me pops of color throughout the day.

Getting Outside

When the temperatures dip well below freezing this can be a challenge. So I definitely try to take advantage of milder days and make sure to get out for a walk with my dog when I can. Long dark winter months can leave me with cabin fever but getting outside helps tone that down.

winter walk with a dog

Going for a drive around my house on sunny days is another way I enjoy being outside. Again, I appreciate the blue sky and any neat-looking clouds.

Notice The Small Stuff

There are a lot of things easily missed in winter like the frost on the windows that forms intricate design patterns.

I live in a rural area surrounded by forest. I often see wild animals in spring, summer and fall. But winter is when I can truly appreciate how many animals are around and how close to the house they come. Once there’s snow on the ground, I get out and check out all the tracks. From the smallest (squirrels, chipmunks and mice), to the biggest (moose, bear and coyote), I love seeing all the evidence of wildlife around me.

bunny tracks in snow

Appreciate The Cozy Things That Are Only Enjoyable In Winter

There are some things I like that I only get in winter, like eggnog. Yum! I also enjoy cuddling with my dog under warm fleecy blankets, drinking hot tea and sitting by a crackling fire.

dog in cozy winter blanket

Make Plans For Summer

I love to travel so I often make plans for summer vacations in the winter. Looking at pictures of the places I want to go, free of snow, cheers me up.

Other Winter Mood Boosters

Here’s an assortment of other things I’m trying to make it easier to survive winter:

  • reading a good book
  • listening to my favorite music
  • getting up and dancing around the house
  • journaling
  • looking at pictures of warm tropical places (mine from previous trips and others online)
  • watching YouTube videos of places I want to visit

I hope some of these suggestions are helpful for you if you are not a fan of winter either. I’ve included a printable winter survival checklist for you to use each day. You can use the one with some of my suggestions and add your own or you can use the blank one to fill in all your own ideas.

Free Printable Winter Survival Checklist

Download the free printable winter survival checklist. Just click on the images or text to download to your computer.

These files are for your personal use only and are not to be resold.

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free printable winter survival checklist
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